Local Trails

The NL Trailway runs through Clarenville which means that you can almost access it from anywhere.  Additionally, there are access routes to almost every service you need. There are many trails that connect Clarenville to scenic ponds, rivers and recreation destinations.  Regardless of whether you are looking to take short rides or all-day tours, Clarenville has a trail and destination for you.

Clarenville Access Trails

The Town of Clarenville is located along the NL T’railway some 198 km along the route. The Discovery Trail Snowmobile Assoc. and the Town of Clarenville have partnered to improve trail access to the Town while enhancing rider safety by creating a bypass trail around the eastern and western entrances to the Town.

Clarenville Perimeter tour

Take a tour around perimeter of Clarenville. This 46km tour brings from Clarenville westward on the T’railway to Trynor’s Pit, around the White Hills Forestry Road, along the LIL power line and back to Clarenville along the Trailway.

Distance: 40.8 km
Duration: 2 hours, 35 minutes and 0 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 7 m
Maximum Elevation: 295 m
Total climb: 501 m
Total descent: 493 m

Clarenville Area Ponds and Lakes

There are many ponds and lakes in and around Clarenville.  These major bodies of water make for great destinations and great recreation areas. 

  • Dark Hole Pond
  • Shoal Harbour Pond (Town Water Supply)
  • Andrews Pond (Town Water Supply)
  • Tug Pond
  • Beaver Pond
  • Dark Hole Pond
  • Thorburn Lake

A proud partnership of:
The Town of Clarenville & Discovery Trail Association 

For questions or further information please view the Discovery Trail Association Facebook Page.