Bonavista Peninsula

Clarenville is the gateway to the historic Bonavista Peninsula.  From Clarenville, you can travel the former Bonavista Branch line to Lethbridge and there you can travel the Ocean Pond Resource Road further down the peninsula, through cabin country, towards the historic community of Trinity.

Clarenville - Lethbridge - Trinity

From Clarenville you will take a route to the historic and picturesque town of Trinity. This 180 km return trip takes you along the Bonavista branch of the T’railway to Lethbridge, then along forestry roads to Trinity.

Distance: 90.1 kilometers
Duration: 4 hours, 16 minutes
Minimum Elevation: 6 feet
Maximum Elevation: 538 feet
Total climb: 2706 feet
Total descent: 2520 feet

Clarenville - Lethbridge - Burgoynes Cove

In March of 1953, a giant RB36 Peacemaker crashed in the hills above Burgoyne’s Cove killing 23 airmen. The crash site is accessible by a 1.5 km trail. Take a 72 km trail from Clarenville to the trail leading to the Crash site.

Distance: 72 kilometers
Duration: 1 hours, 26 minutes
Minimum Elevation: 13 feet
Maximum Elevation: 488 feet
Total climb: 1817 feet
Total descent: 1600 feet

Clarenville - Princeton - Princeton Pond

The Princeton Area of Bonavista Bay offers some beautiful scenery.  From Clarenville you travel the Bonavista Branch line to Lethbridge, then the Ocean Pond Resource Road to Rattle Falls on Route 230. From there you head north to pick up the old branch line as it stretches along the picturesque shores of Bonavista Bay before heading south towards Trinity.  This route makes for a great day trip from Clarenville.

Distance: 144 kilometers
Duration: 6 hours, 7 minutes
Minimum Elevation: 7 feet
Maximum Elevation: 491 feet
Total climb: 3442 feet
Total descent: 3459 feet

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